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Oct 2016: Deer Johns Lite
Andrew and Jesse performed an acoustic set at The Metropolitan Hotel, showcasing some our The Deer Johns’ original songs and one cover, to an enthusiastic response. Stay tuned for more Bareness.

Sep 2016: New Deer Johns Member: Ashman
It gives us great pleasure to welcome to the Deer Johns brotherhood David “Ash” Ashman (Holsapple). For those of you who have seen some of our Adelaide Fringe gigs in years past, you will recognise Ash who helped us out on some songs, adding some more bottom to the bottom end (electric bass) when Andrew or Jesse are busy playing other instruments. You may also recognise Ash from such TV hits as The Cosby Show and Glee, as it has been noted he bears a striking resemblance to both Bill Cosby and Matthew Morrison (who plays Mr.Shue). Say hello to Ash the next time you see The Deer Johns.

Aug 2016: Return from UK Tour
We are now back from our 2016 UK tour, having played at our first music festival at Lakefest near Tewkesbury AND at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thankyou to all those who came to see us. We now have a taste for Haggis pizza. Here is a quote from a review of the Edinburgh show:

Every time the group break into their variations of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody it’s good fun and the variations of other classic songs from bands such as Travis and The Proclaimers are also highly enjoyable, bringing energy and dynamism to the show. It’s in the band’s own songs where they really shine and it’s clear that these three chaps are talented performers; just look at the amount of instruments they utilise, with guitar, keyboard, double bass, accordion, drums and others used to great effect between the trio…. It’s a quirky show, with hints of Flight of the Concords in there.


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